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The right blend for you

San Mig Coffee offers a wide range of products that cater to the need of every consumer. From basic coffeemixes to functional & healthy coffeemixes, San Mig Coffee has the perfect blend for you.

  • San Mig Coffee Fastbreak combines the benefits of both coffee and cereal drink in one delicious power cup. It provides a unique and smooth drinking experience, ideal for those moments when you need something more to face what’s ahead of you.

  • San Mig Coffee Super Packs is a line of coffee mix products that has Energy-Releasing B Vitamins that give UNMATCHED and SUSTAINED STIMULATION for coffee drinkers who want to give each of their days to the fullest.

  • San Mig Coffee 3in1 Regular is the first coffee mix brand that has unique blends that are suited to the consumers’ distinct coffee tastes. San Mig Coffee 3in1 Regular provides not only choice and convenience, but also VALUE-FOR-MONEY.

  • San Mig Coffee 3in1 Sugarfree Coffeemix is the coffeemix of choice for those who are health-conscious and want to enjoy their coffee without the guilt. Each cup contains less calories but still maintains the same taste and sweetness as the regular coffeemixes.

  • San Mig Coffee Pro-health is a line of sugar-free coffeemixes with unique functional ingredients for added health and wellness. This range is the perfect partner in one's active lifestyle.

  • San Mig Coffee 100% Premium Instant Coffee is the Black Coffee that is strong in taste and rich in aroma. One can enjoy its full-bodied coffee taste even with just 3/4 of a teaspoon (compared to the leading brand); hence it is more affordable per serving.